Socks and Cakes by Antonio Padovan (director). Kimistra Films, 2010.  "Of the cast, Ben Prayz is equally impressive the always grinning David."  Blogcritics Video
Socks and Cakes with Kirsty Meares.
Socks and Cakes " energetic Ben Prayz (David) always has a story to tell...he does so with a Nicholson-esque grin and leer that makes Harry's skin crawl."  Blogcritis Video
Socks and Cakes with Tim J. Cox.
Socks and Cakes with Kirsty and Tim
THE LIGHTHOUSE by Nira Burstein, director
A Few Shy written by Joe Schufreider/Alicia Chan, directed by Alicia Chan. 2011.
A Few Shy, as Jennings an illegal arms dealer.
A Few Shy
Unaimed Arrow, by Brian James Fitzpatrick (director). 2010. A young man with a mutant head works out his problems in school and at home.
Unaimed Arrow, as Dewey’s (clueless) dad.
Unaimed Arrow, dad always clowning around.
E.X.A. by Omri Bezalel (director), 2011.  A uniquely talented teenage girl disappoints her dad when she decides to quit competing.
E.X.A. with Francesca McGrory.
E.X.A. as Jake Ruffas, Francesca’s dad.
E.X.A. Francesca played an award-winning athlete, I’m her coach/manager/dad.
E.X.A. Francesca trying to tell me she no longer wants to compete.
E.X.A. With my beloved trophies.
E.X.A. Disappointed dad.
The Humberville Poetry Slam by Emily Chang and Dan Delorenzo (directors). 2009. A mockumentary about the denizens of Humberville entering a national poetry slam contest.
The Humberville Poetry Slam as carpenter Ben Stahl approaching the microphone.
The Humberville Poetry Slam Ben takes his place with the local poetry slam team.
The Humberville Poetry Slam with the team: Emilie McDonald, Michael Barra, Giles Li.
The Humberville Poetry Slam trying to make it work.
The Humberville Poetry Slam After the contest, pondering the future.
The Humberville Poetry Slam.