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FEB - APRIL 2019: Custus / Perkins in CRAZY FOR YOU, directed by Norb Joerder, at The Wick Theatre, Boca Raton, FL.

NOV - DEC 2018: Walter Hobbs in ELF, directed by Scott Michaels, at Indiana's Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts.

MAY - JULY 2018: Roscoe Dexter in SINGIN IN THE RAIN, directed by Drew Humphrey, at the John W. Engeman Theatre.

MARCH - APRIL 2018: Angus MacGuffie in BRIGADOON, directed by Jeffrey Moss, at The Wick Theatre, Boca Raton, FL.

JAN - FEB 2018: The Diction Coach in another production of SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, directed by Rommy Sandhu, at The Wick.

AUG - OCT 2017: Frank Manero/Fusco in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, the musical based on the movie, directed by Kevin Black at Broward Stage Door Theatre, Coral Springs, FL.

JUNE - JULY 2017: Sam Marx, father of the MARX Brothers in MINNIE'S BOYS, directed by Peter Loewy, at Broward Stage Door.

FEB - MARCH 2017: Gary in THE BRIS, BAR MITVAH AND BEYOND, by David Bernstein, directed by Randy Brenner at Broward Stage Door Theatre.

Industrial video for PHOENIX HOUSE - See it here!

Scene in short film CROSS EQUALS HEART.  Watch here!


Featured role in indy film LIFE OF AN ACTRESS on iTunes. Watch scene here!